The Latest, Greatest Features Your Next House Should Have

Searching the market for a new home? Ready to upgrade to the latest amenities? Here are several of the hottest trends in home construction. Don’t worry about multi-million dollar projects: These are features now found in even common homes, ways to give you more space, save extra money, or just give the home a better look. So when looking for signs of a quality living space, keep an eye open for amenities like these.

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Room In Your House? Worried About Moving? Bin Rentals May Help

Having more stuff than room to put it is a problem many people face these days. Whether you’re trying to move your belongings to a new location or you’re staying put and trying to get organized, efficiently managing your space can be a challenge. While some people will tell you to reduce your belongings by throwing them away or selling them; the fact is whether there is sentimental or practical value, many of these ‘excess’ belongings are essential. This is a situation where a bin rental is an option you really want to examine.

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Five Things You CAN Afford Thanks to the Classifieds

The economy is still limping along, and everybody is still feeling the pinch. (Seriously, when are things supposed to rebound?) Shopping sales and looking for special bargains in areas such as the Toronto classifieds has helped a lot of people save some money and do more with their budget. However, clipping coupons and shopping BOGO can only help you go so far.

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How to Quiet the Party Animals Next Door

If you have seen the 2014 flick Neighbors, featuring Seth Rogan, then you witnessed the worst-case scenario when it comes to folks next door who love to party. Chances are when you search for a new home using you won’t end up next to a frat, but even the nicest neighborhood can harbor a few grown-ups who love to blast music, fill up the streets with haphazardly parked cars and send shrieks of raucous laughter through the still night air – after finishing off a few bottles of wine, as opposed to a keg of beer. So what do you do if that house full of Read the rest of this entry »